Exercise For The Older Adult

  • This class increases your joint mobility
  • Revs up metabolism to help weight loss
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure
  • Strengthens bones to help prevent osteoporosis
  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Provides more energy to enjoy life to the full!!!

Plenty of alternatives are given, with participants encouraged to work at their own level.

Classes are a lot of fun – you should leave with a smile!!!

After a 45 minute active session, there is a short section of chair-based pilates and muscle strengthening exercises.

Instructor is specialist qualified in teaching the older adult.

Monday 10.30 am – Felbridge Village Hall, Crawley Down Road, Felbridge

Tuesday 11.30 am – St Paul’s Methodist Church Hall, Northgate, Crawley

Friday 11.30 am – The Haven Centre, Crawley Down

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