January 2020 Newsletter

Hi Wonderful Class Member

Wishing you a fit, healthy and happy new year.  Here’s to me helping you achieve your health and fitness goals during 2020. Please remember that if you have any specific fitness goals, or particular body areas/weaknesses that you want to work on, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I am always delighted to receive special requests, and aim to please with the ‘treats’ I provide in class!

However, I apologise that there will be a break in my classes from mid-January whilst I recover from my knee surgery.

Classes will return in January on Monday 6 January, except for the Friday Seniors class that week as the Haven Centre will be set up for the panto performance that day. However, if you’ve missed my announcement in classes recently, this is to advise that from Friday 17 January classes will be cancelled for 2-3 weeks due to my knee surgery.  As I have been explaining, I don’t know exactly how I will be after the surgery, but as soon as I am able to come and shout at you from a chair, I will happily do so!!  And I may be able to get some cover for a couple of the classes, so I have been advising everyone to pls check back with my website.

And once I am back at class, I promise you extra “treats” to make up for your missed classes.  And I know you will all be diligent about doing some homework during the break.

So keep checking back here – I will be back as soon as possible!

Remember – you are wonderful!!

My very best regards
Miss Julie x