February 2018 Newsletter

Hi Wonderful Class Member!

Hoping a new month sees you continuing to maintain your fitness regime!

All classes will be running normally during the February half-term week. I have now been advised of the date for my hand surgery, and will have to cancel classes on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 February. Re the rest of that week’s classes, please watch this space as I don’t know yet how I will be or what instructions re keeping it elevated and rested etc that I will be given. Other than any medical advice, I I intend that my surgery will cause minimal disruption to my regular classes – have voice, will teach! Plus as you know, I set homework……..thank you all for your understanding. And for still talking to me when I pick some of you as demonstrators!!

Class Prices
I am pleased to say that I STILL intend to keep my class prices fixed for as long as possible, despite my numerous business overheads increasing each year – and my need of a new music system!!!! I last increased my prices slightly to their current rate, i.e. £5.00 for a daytime class, £6.00 for evening, on the 1st Jan 2014, so they have remained static for a full 4 years plus now. My prices are for a full hour’s class (as some studio timetables only have 45 minute classes), plus the fact Pilates and Seniors classes are considered “prime” classes, plus I supply all the fitness equipment for you. So just to let you know that you are getting an hour of health and fitness benefits, still for less than the price of a large glass of wine!!!! Through necessity with my increased overheads I will have to make a small price increase later on in 2018, but I will give plenty of notice before doing so.

Finally, as always, thank you for your support and I hope I have succeeded in helping you stay fitter and healthier. And remember – you are wonderful!!

My very best regards
Miss Julie x