Breaking the Weight Loss ‘Plateau’!

To help break through a fat loss ‘plateau’, you will need to either consume even less calories, or increase your daily physical activities.

1. Start to increase the duration or intensity of your exercise : as your fitness increases you can gradually start to increase the pace of your training, or the number of sessions you do a week. Either add another class a week, or supplement your classes with some brisk walking sessions/swimming, etc.

2. Eat smaller portions – try Elizabeth Hurley’s technique! (i.e. eating your dinner on a smaller plate) – you can continue to eat what you like, but by cutting down on your portion size you can achieve weight loss.

3. Drink less alcohol – sorry to sound a misery! – but alcohol contains so many ‘wasted’ calories, and it may be necessary to cut back when you hit a plateau.

4. Eat less sugar – you may be reducing your fat intake, but still eating too much sugar? Try reducing your sugar intake by swapping to fruit, but beware fruit juices, which may seem healthy, but can add calories.

5. Mums don’t ‘tidy up’ children’s left-overs! – whilst very tempting, lots of calories can build up here.

6. Keep a food diary – just keeping a food diary for only a few days, but honestly recording all your intake!, is a good way to identify opportunities for calorie savings.

7. Invest in a pedometer! – although you may be attending exercise classes, perhaps you may not be moving enough during the rest of your day. A pedometer is a useful tool to assess your daily activity (the healthy daily average is 10,000 steps!).