Working out with Weights!

There are so many benefits of doing those exercises with the hand weights I provide! Whilst I encourage my gents to use the heavier weights, my ladies can get lots of health benefits from working out with my lighter hand weights (although if you get used to working out with a particular weight, as you know in class I do nag you to then try and go up a size).

Besides assisting with fat burning (more of that later!), working out with weights will help to streamline your physique, build better muscle mass and increase your bone density, which in turn will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Back to the fat burning! If you maintain a moderate strength training programme, as you add muscle, your resting metabolism will increase. A pound of muscle burns 9 times more calories than a pound of fat! As we get older our muscle mass reduces and our metabolism gradually falls, but when working out with weights your body continues to burn fat and tone muscle even when resting – how good is that!!!

For my older adults, research shows that people who start weight training later in life could find they actually reverse the ageing process. Gentle weight bearing exercises can dramatically improve the condition of aging muscles.

Ladies, by the time you left secondary school you had established all the bone mineral density you’ll ever have. However, research has found that weight training can increase bone mineral density, so strength training is a powerful tool against osteoporosis.

Moderate weight training increases a woman’s strength by 30 to 50 percent. Extra strength will then make it easier to accomplish some daily activities (e.g. lifting children or shopping!).

You will also improve your cholesterol level and blood pressure, according to recent research (although your exercise programme should also include cardiovascular exercise for your heart health).

So, if you want to feel healthier and slimmer, increase your metabolism, tone up, get energized, reverse the aging process, strengthen muscles and bones – grab those weights!!